About us

LTD ESABI entered Georgian market of informational and communicational technologies (ICT) in 1989. As the result of successful activities in this field for several years, LTD ESABI became official partner of the major manufacturers - Hewlett Packard (HP), XEROX, Philips, Dell, AOC, Cisco, Microsoft, APC, etc.


LTD ESABI holds IOS 9001:2008 International Certificate of Quality Control.

As the result of the annual audit, which is held by ISO special representative, the status certificate shall be updated.

International Standardization Organization (ISO) is the largest organization in the world issuing the international standards. ISO network covers 162 countries.


Our company offers all those technical solutions, wide range of goods and service, which are required for use of information and modern communication technologies.


LTD ESABI offers wide range of service:


Study of the projects and consulting in ICT field;

Study of informational systems of the organization and providing of professional recommendations for improvement and growth;

Design of telecommunication and computer network;

Design, installation and adjustment of modern server system;

Work with the systems of electronic document flow;

Configuration of the computer systems compliant with your demands;

Providing and installation of various devices, their warranty and post-warranty maintenance;

Providing of software.


LTD ESABI has drawn the agreements with the authorized service-centers of Hewlett Packard (HP), XEROX, PHILIPS and AOC and also the authorized service-centers of other partner brands in order to provide technical warranty and post-warranty maintenance services.