როუტერი TP-LINK TL-WR940N
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P/N: TL-WR940N
The TL-WR940N model combines functions of the wire and wireless equipment for connection to a network. This model was specially developed for the small companies, small and house offices. Conforms to the IEEE 802.11n standard. Provides the speed of wireless data transmission to 300 Mbps. For the greatest efficiency of data transmission the router is equipped with 4 ports 10/100 of Mbps. In the device the MIMO technology is applied: three removable omnidirectional antennas provide the big productivity, data transmission speed, stability of a signal and a coverage zone. Besides, use of the CCA technology allows to avoid the conflict of channels thanks to function of an automatic choice of channels. The device shows good compatibility with the network equipment of the standard 11g and 11n.

დეტალური ინფორმაცია
ტიპიWi-Fi ADSL როუტერი
უსადენო ქსელის სტანდარტები
მონაცემთა გადაცემის სიჩქარე100 - 300 Mbps
ინტერფეისიWAN / LAN: 10/100 Mbps
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